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Department of Health and Aged Care

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Olympia joined the Department of Health and Aged Care as a Graduate in 2021. She hoped to draw from personal experiences navigating the health system, along with her studies in public health, to contribute to building more equitable, accessible and person-centred health systems and services. Olympia has since enjoyed working across different areas and learning from others with diverse experiences of the health system and of working in the public service.

She has also enjoyed being a member of the Disability and Carers Network (DCN) Committee, a group of people from across the department who are brought together by a shared interest in creating more inclusive workplace environments and promoting awareness of disability, chronic conditions, neurodivergence and carer responsibilities.

Now working in the lived experience section within the mental health and suicide prevention division, Olympia contributes to ensuring the voices of people with lived and living experiences inform the development and implementation of mental health and suicide prevention-related policies and programs. She hopes to continue building a career that prioritises listening with empathy and curiosity, and working in genuine partnership with communities. Outside of work, Olympia enjoys dabbling in the arts and, in 2022, presented a solo exhibition exploring experience with invisible illness and mental ill-health.

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