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At IPAA ACT, we build connections and encourage innovation through thought leadership, events, and networking opportunities.

We draw connections between the decision makers of government, implementation by the public sector, and the delivery of services to the community.

By supporting decision makers and the people behind policy and public administration, we empower them to better manage growing workloads, share knowledge, access a network of professionals, and achieve the best outcome for the community.

As a member of IPAA ACT, you get to tap into an extensive network of professionals, and gain the latest insights, inspiration and updates as they relate to your public sector. We’ll support you in building connections, give you ideas and tools to help you succeed, and a platform where you can recognise and celebrate your impact.

We also partner with like-minded organisations who share our commitment to the public service, providing them the opportunity to connect with Australia’s public service executives, talented policymakers and emerging leaders, and become a trusted partner for the public sector.

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