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Privacy Policy
Institute of Public Administration Australia ACT (IPAA) is committed to protecting the privacy of information collected about its members and clients. IPAA collects information as required in order to administer and manage registrations for its courses and events. If registrants do not provide all the relevant information, registrations may not be confirmed. In some cases, names and agencies will appear on a participant list distributed to participants in a course or event. Individuals who wish to access their personal information or have any queries in relation to the manner in which IPAA handles personal information, should contact IPAA ACT.

Code of Conduct
The main aim of IPAA events is to provide a platform for discussion and debate on the challenges and opportunities facing public administration. To this end, IPAA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all participants, speakers, and staff members to engage in the conversation freely without any fear of harassment.

Expected behaviour in this instance includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Being considerate, respectful, and cooperative with the venue, staff, participants, speakers, and any equipment made available for use by participants. This also includes adhering to instructions from IPAA regarding safety and/or other matters.
  2. Exercising consideration and respect when engaging with other participants.
  3. Refraining from any forms of demeaning, discriminatory and harassing conduct.
  4. Alerting an IPAA staff member if you notice anything dangerous, a participant in distress or in violation of this Code of Conduct.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Demeaning, discriminatory, and harassing conduct.
  2. Intimidating and/or aggressive conduct towards the venue, staff, speakers, and other participants.
  3. Repetitive, disruptive behaviour.
  4. Refusing to adhere to instructions from IPAA staff.

The terms in this Code of Conduct are non-negotiable and continued violations will result in IPAA taking actions deemed appropriate to ensure the safety of other participants. This may include issuing a warning to the offending individual or, expelling the individual from the current and future IPAA events without refund.

Event Cancellation Policy (including COVID-19 update)
If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 government restrictions, a refund will be offered for the full ticket price.

If an individual is unable to attend the event in-person due to COVID-19 government and travel restrictions, a refund will be offered for the full ticket price. Registrants may elect to attend the event virtually, in which case a partial refund of the difference in ticket price will be offered.

If an individual as part of a group booking is unable to attend for these reasons, a refund will only be offered for the individual ticket price.

If an individual is unable to attend due to reasons outside of COVID-19 government restrictions, the standard IPAA Event Cancellation Policy applies:

Registrants that are no longer able to attend an IPAA event must advise IPAA ACT in writing at least five working days prior to the event. Refunds will not be granted to registrants that cancel their ticket/s within five working days out from an event and will still be required to pay the full invoice.
Substitute nominees are welcome and encouraged to attend as a replacement. The replacement’s details must be provided to IPAA ACT a minimum of one full business day in advance of the event. Changes made with less than 24 hours’ notice cannot be guaranteed.  If a member wishes to substitute a non-member in their place the full ticket fee will be payable.

Refunds will not be given to registrants who do not attend the event. The total invoice is still payable.

Registrants should check that they are a corporate member before registering for an event. In the event they have selected the wrong membership, a refund may not be available if the event has been fully subscribed.

Registrants that wish to switch their ticket to a virtual attendance ticket must advise IPAA ACT in writing at least five working days prior to the event.

Event Program Changes
IPAA ACT reserves the right to change the programming, speakers or, to cancel programs if enrolment criteria is not met or, when conditions beyond its control prevail. In the event of an IPAA event being cancelled, all registrants will be notified and their full registration fee will be refunded.

Event Photography
Many IPAA ACT events are photographed and recorded. Images and recordings are kept by IPAA ACT and may be used for non-commercial promotional purposes including websites, publications, social media and other digital platforms. If a registrant does not agree to being recorded and photographed, please inform an IPAA representative.

Media may be present at an IPAA event. IPAA does not have complete control of media outlets and therefore may not be able to guarantee a participant’s full privacy regarding being photographed or filmed during that event. In particular, events held at Parliament House where the press gallery is involved.

It is the responsibility of the registrant to ultimately judge the situation for themselves.

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