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Are you looking for new ways to adapt effectively to new challenges and communicate with influence? Join us for this year’s first Future Leaders summit, designed to support you on your leadership journey.

Why should I attend?

In IPAA ACT’s recent member survey, you told us about how challenging it can be to communicate with influence on your team, your peers, or your manager in today’s fast-paced and complex environment. This event will address this challenge with dynamic discussions, an interactive masterclass, and expert insights.

What will get from this event?

Hear from our keynote speaker Tristan Hoffmeister, Director of Access and Learning at the National Portrait Gallery. Tristan is a passionate Canberran, audience advocate, and cultural sector enthusiast. In his role, he leads a team in delivering public and education programs and providing excellent face to face customer service to visitors at the Gallery.

You will learn about:

  • Navigating change effectively
  • Inspiring your team to drive success
  • Techniques to approach tricky conversations with your team, peers or manager.

Panel discussion

Leadership unleashed: Courage, influence, and strategic relationships

Our panel will discuss mastering the art of courageous leadership, strategic influence, and managing upwards effectively. Hear firsthand accounts of how our panellists have navigated challenges, overcome obstacles, and successfully driven change in their respective fields. Discover the strategies they employ to inspire teams, influence decision-making, and build strong connections across organisational levels.


Unlock your leadership potential: Frank and fearless at all levels with Dr Pamela Kinnear

Gain the insights and strategies needed to step into the role of a courageous leader who fearlessly tackles challenges, effectively manages relationships, and wields influence across all organisational levels. Learn from a seasoned expert who will share practical techniques for your journey towards becoming a dynamic, influential leader who drives results and sparks innovation.

Who is this for?

This event is for anyone who has to navigate and lead through change and is looking to develop their communication skills.

This event is available in person and online.



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Event date

Friday 15 March 2024 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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National Museum, Peninsula Room


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