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When Corey Tutt OAM learned that there was a remote school with only 15 books in the whole library (5 of which were dictionaries) he set out to make change. To date, DeadlyScience has provided over 25,000 culturally appropriate books focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as telescopes, microscopes and other equipment to spark student interest.

Schools involved with DeadlyScience have reported a 25% increase in engagement in STEM and increased attendance. Now DeadlyScience has connected with over 800 schools and sent over 7500 boxes of STEM resources.

DeadlyScience has connected STEM professionals with schools and has now created STEM pathways programs for students. DeadlyScience was the first Indigenous org to feature on the side of the Mclaren Formula one car and has drawn the attention of Formula one superstar Lewis Hamilton.

As a board member of Seed mob Corey has been leading the fight for climate justice for Indigenous peoples across the Nation. Corey was instrumental in developing Science Technology Australia’s first RAP to further encourage participation and inclusion of First Nations peoples in STEM.

Corey’s passion for Indigenous education has also been recognised through various awards including the CSIRO Indigenous STEM Champion 2019; AMP Tomorrow Maker 2019 and ABC Trailblazer 2019, 2021 Eureka Prize winner for STEM inclusion.

Outside of his work in STEM Corey has become a highly successful author publishing bestselling and multi award winning book ‘The First Scientists’ and also his latest book, ‘This Book Thinks Ya Deadly’ which celebrates over 70 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Corey recently was appointed an Associate Professor of Indigenous Sciences at the University of Western Sydney.

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