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Wednesday May 17, 2023

Australian Government Data Forum: Pathways, Perspective and Practice

  • Australian Government Data Forum: Pathways, Perspective and Practice image

In photo: Keynote address delivered by Jenny Wilkinson PSM, Secretary, Department of Finance and Co-Chair of the Secretaries Digital and Data Committee

On 17 May, IPAA ACT hosted the Australian Government Data Forum where senior thought leaders and academics from the public and private sectors discussed how data can be used to inform the delivery of policy and programs that accurately reflect current trends within the Australian community. It was a full day of insightful sessions, panel discussions, and data showcases tackling issues such as data-driven and digitally enabled government, strengthening data capability in the APS, cybersecurity, and more.

Highlight video

A video of the event is below or can be viewed on the IPAA ACT Vimeo channel.


  • Victoria Vuori image
    Victoria Vuori

    Law Interpretation Officer,
    Co-Chair Australian Taxation Office

  • Stela Solar image
    Stela Solar

    Director National AI Centre, CSIRO

  • Ian Opperman image
    Ian Opperman

    Chief Data Scientist 

  • Dr Talia Avrahamzon image
    Dr Talia Avrahamzon

    National Strategic Partnerships
    Research Manager First Peoples Disability Network

  • Professor Julian Trollor image
    Professor Julian Trollor

    Chair of Intellectual Disability Mental Health 
    Head of Department of Developmental Disability  University of NSW Sydney  

  • Dr George Disney image
    Dr George Disney

    Senior Research Fellow
    The University of Melbourne

  • Dr Denise Bauer image
    Dr Denise Bauer

    Group leader 
    Adjunct Professor

  • Kristi Mansfield image
    Kristi Mansfield

    Chief Executive Officer
    Co-Founder   Seer Data and Analytics  

  • Dr Kalinda Griffiths image
    Dr Kalinda Griffiths

    Epidemiologist  Centre for Big Data Research
    University of New South Wales

  • Kim Grima image
    Kim Grima

    National Disability Data Asset 

  • Professor Tim Miller image
    Professor Tim Miller

    University of Melbourne

  • Luke Mansfield image
    Luke Mansfield

    Group Manager  Disability Strategy
    Department of Social Services

  • Angelene Falk image
    Angelene Falk

    Australian Information Commissioner

  • Teresa Dickinson PSM image
    Teresa Dickinson PSM

    Deputy Statistician Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • Mark Sowden image
    Mark Sowden

    Chief Executive
    Government Statistician  Tatauranga Aotearoa Statistics New Zealand

  • Dr Samira Hassan image
    Dr Samira Hassan

    Strategic Data Projects  Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

  • Dr Kendra Vant image
    Dr Kendra Vant

    Executive General Manager
    Data, Xero

  • Rob Heferen image
    Rob Heferen

    Chief Executive Officer
    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

  • Dr Andrew Taylor image
    Dr Andrew Taylor

    Assistant Secretary,
    Strategy and Delivery  Office of the National Data Commissioner

  • Hamish Hansford image
    Hamish Hansford

    Deputy Secretary 
    Department of Home Affairs

  • Jenny Wilkinson PSM image
    Jenny Wilkinson PSM

    Department of Finance
    Co-Chair Secretaries Digital and Data Committee

  • Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher image
    Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher

    Minister for Finance, Minister for Women, Minister for the Public Service

  • Elder Paul House image
    Elder Paul House

    Ngambri-Ngunnawal custodian

  • Jeremy Hirschhorn image
    Jeremy Hirschhorn

    Second Commissioner, Client Engagement, Australian Taxation Office

  • Letitia Hope image
    Letitia Hope

    IPAA ACT Board Member, Deputy President, and Councillor
    Deputy Secretary
    Department of Social Services

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