Monday May 1, 2023

Lifting others up: Meet Future Leaders Committee member Hilary Schubert-Jones

  • Lifting others up: Meet Future Leaders Committee member Hilary Schubert-Jones image

In this special Q&A series, we introduce the members of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) ACT Future Leaders Committee (FLC) who work closely with us to deliver a series of events throughout the year.

This time, FLC member Hilary Schubert-Jones tells us about raising others up through her work and her engagement with the committee, and why investing in others will always pay off.

What is your role in the public service and what do you enjoy most about it?

I am currently on secondment to the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador, as program manager for the ‘Future You’ program. I love the fact that I’m affecting real change for underrepresented groups accessing and engaging with potential STEM careers, and highlighting what the possibilities could be for them and for future Australia.

What is your role on the committee?

I’m a committee member.

Why did you join the committee?

I’m passionate about helping people get where they want to go and improving the way the APS functions, which is a core product of the people employed within it. I was curious about how I can contribute to lifting others up and was keen to say yes to opportunities that land in my path.

What does great leadership look like to you?

Great leadership is listening, being honest and transparent, and removing roadblocks from paths to outcomes. Making time and investing in the people you work with will always pay off.

If you have participated, can you tell us your three key takeaways from when you attended the Future Leaders Program?

My three key takeaways from the Future Leaders Program were: firstly, how diverse the APS is, which wasn’t something I was really aware of before the program as it isn’t widely spoken about by the various departments and agencies in general. Secondly, how those who have achieved career success in the APS haven’t always had a linear, straightforward path, and that the worst of times can produce the best results ultimately. Finally, we can achieve so much more within our individual roles when working across the entire APS, which is something I have leveraged in the several projects I’ve worked on previously at the Department of Defence.

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  • Hilary Schubert-Jones image
    Hilary Schubert-Jones

    Program Manager
    Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador

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