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Monday June 22, 2020

Doing the basics well with Michael Manthorpe PSM, Grant Hehir and Angelene Falk

Integrity is the essence of public service. It captures the aspiration of the APS values (impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical) and sits at the heart of its mission.

This week, we speak with three APS leaders about the importance of integrity and its impact on citizens: Michael Manthorpe PSM, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, Grant Hehir, the Auditor-General of Australia, and Angelene Falk, the Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner.

During this informative and entertaining conversation our three guests carefully outline their expectations of APS staff during COVID-19 and the importance of collaboration in a crisis. They discuss:

  • Integrity and transparency in government.
  • Maintaining trust between the public service and Australian citizens.
  • Privacy and data management in government departments.
  • Listening to citizens and dealing with complaints.
  • Oversight organisations managing work without impeding action.
  • Using multimedia tools to bring messages to life.

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  • Grant Hehir image
    Grant Hehir

    Auditor-General for Australia

  • Angelene Falk image
    Angelene Falk

    Australian Information Commissioner

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