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Wednesday July 10, 2024

‘Blak, Loud and Proud’ with Corey Tutt OAM and Ben Williams

In celebration of NAIDOC Week, Corey Tutt OAM from DeadlyScience and artist Ben Williams share the spirit of pride in their heritage and work. They invite you to listen closely to create true connections with First Nations peoples.

How can all Australians join in celebrating First Nations peoples’ contributions? And what will it take for the public sector to become a genuine partner for Indigenous-led organisations?

On this Work with Purpose episode in celebration of NAIDOC Week, Corey Tutt OAM and Ben Williams share their journey of connection and partnership that culminated in their new book Caution! This Book Contains Deadly Reptiles. Connecting with this year’s theme Blak, Loud and Proud, Ben and Corey speak from the heart about how pride in heritage and family can be a way to reclaim what First Nations peoples have lost through colonisation.

In conversation with guest presenter Kate Driver, CEO of IPAA ACT, Corey and Ben encourage public sector professionals to become true allies, leave aside any bias and celebrate the important contributions First Nations peoples make to Australia every day.

Discussed in this episode:

  • how the public sector can effectively connect with indigenous-led organisations
  • the story behind Corey and Ben’s new book
  • the importance of good relationships in creating great work
  • vulnerability and safety when creating art
  • pride in heritage as a way to defy the impact of colonisation
  • ways to self-determination
  • removing stigma, status and bias
  • how to become a better ally to First Nations peoples.


During NAIDOC Week, First Nations peoples are often asked to contribute and volunteer their time to educate others about their culture and knowledge. contentgroup and IPAA ACT want to ensure that we recognise the cultural load that Ben and Corey have generously taken on for this episode by financially recognising their expertise. We encourage you to show your support for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speakers at your events in the same way. If you would like to support either Corey or Ben, consider purchasing their book, one of Ben’s artworks, or making a donation to DeadlyScience.


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