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Sunday August 13, 2023

Unpacking Australia’s first wellbeing framework

National wellbeing measures are becoming increasingly common around the world. Joining the ranks of countries such as Scotland, New Zealand, and Germany, Australia introduced the first iteration of its national wellbeing framework, Measuring What Matters, in late July 2023. Centered around five core themes—healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive, and prosperous—this new approach aims to track progress across 50 distinct indicators. But with the first statement drawing on data from half a decade ago, some have raised questions about how it is relevant to today’s Australia.

In this episode, join us as we host two distinguished experts, Leanne Wells, freelance health policy consultant, and Professor Rosemary Calder AM, a professor of health policy at Victoria University. They will unpack Australia’s wellbeing statement, what it means for Australia’s communities, and how it might shape their future. Further, the conversation explores challenges for the frameworks, and the broader question of how it can truly make a difference on the ground.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Importance of metrics beyond GDP to gauge a country’s prosperity
  • Australia’s five key wellbeing themes
  • How averaging can mask inequalities
  • Strategies for accurate data collection and driving community benefits.




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