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Monday February 27, 2023

LGBTQIA+ pride in the public sector

The LGBTQIA+ community represents a considerable part of the Australian workforce, and many workplaces are striving to ensure they feel valued, safe, and respected.

Yet, a survey by Diversity Council Australia has revealed why it is so important that organisations in Australia continue to build on that work. According to their findings, only 32 per cent of LGBTQIA+ respondents were out to all of their colleagues, and this has potentially dire consequences for their well-being and job satisfaction.

With WorldPride underway in Sydney for the first time, Frances Gamble, CEO at Out for Australia, David Momcilovic, director at the Office of LGBTQIA+ Affairs, ACT Government, and Marty Jovic, health economist and partner PwC Australia join guest host Holly Noble to shine a light on what pride looks like in the public sector and how we can create workplaces that reflect the full diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Barriers the LGBTQIA+ community faces in the workplace.
  • The role of mentoring for young people to improve their confidence.
  • The intersectionality approach to achieve equity.
  • Methods the public service can adopt to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

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  • Frances Gamble image
    Frances Gamble

    CEO at Out for Australia

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    Holly Noble

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    Director, Governance, Planning and Performance, Department of Finance

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