Work With Purpose

Monday June 5, 2023

Australia’s reconciliation journey with Brendan Moyle

Last week, Australia commemorated Reconciliation Week. It was a chance to celebrate progress, but also to consider the inequalities First Nations people still face in Australia. Across health, education, justice and employment, the country still has some way to go to truly close the gap.

On this episode of Work with PurposeBrendan Moyle, executive branch manager of the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs at the ACT Government tells us a powerful story about First Nations reconciliation, reflecting deeply on the persisting gap between conversations and behaviour, and how everyone in Australia can learn to walk the talk. Together with host David Pembroke, Brendan also talks us through the important role of valuing First Nations people, their contributions and their stories, and shares his tips on how to become a true ally to their cause.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The persistent inequalities First Nations people still face
  • Australia’s progress towards reconciliation
  • The importance of getting to know First Nations people’s stories
  • Why we need diversity of thinking
  • How to become an ally
  • The key role of First Nations public servants in building bridges



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  • Brendan Moyle image
    Brendan Moyle

    Executive Branch Manager
    Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
    ACT Government

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