Work With Purpose

Monday May 20, 2024

A masterclass in human-centred design in the public sector

On today’s Work with Purpose episode, Dr Nina Terrey, Bec Bodel and Professor Brenton Prosser help you learn the ropes of human-centred design.

In today’s complex world, how can the public sector effectively ensure that its policies and programs are centred on the needs of the people they serve? This episode explores human-centered design as one piece to solving this puzzle.

Host David Pembroke convenes class with three leading experts in the design space: Bec Bodel from the Australian Taxation Office, Professor Brenton Prosser from UNSW Canberra, and Dr Nina Terrey from ThinkPlace. Together, they walk through the most important parts of the design process and discuss how empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking can truly make a difference to policy and service delivery for Australia’s communities. Our guests also share practical tips and resources, so you can to hit the books and start your own design journey.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of understanding your purpose
  • The main steps in a human-centred design process
  • Embracing diverse perspectives
  • Practical tools and techniques for incorporating design thinking into your work
  • Building internal design capabilities in your organisation
  • Creating spaces for open and honest dialogue in policy design
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals to foster innovation.

Show notes:

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  • Bec Bodel image
    Bec Bodel

    Acting Assistant Commissioner of Behavioural Insights and Design
    Australian Taxation Office

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