Work With Purpose

Monday June 17, 2024

Changing the climate for wellbeing

As the UN Climate Change Conference wraps up in Bonn, our Work with Purpose guests Dr Mara Hammerle and Andrew Hudson discuss the link between climate change and wellbeing and share some innovative ideas for greening government procurement.

Climate change remains one of the world’s most complex and systemic challenges. With a profound effect on human wellbeing, experts across the world are looking for ways to reduce its impact and embed better policy solutions.

On this episode of Work with Purpose, Dr Mara Hammerle and Andrew Hudson from the Centre for Policy Development talk about embedding wellbeing in decision-making, understanding communities’ adaptive capacity when it comes to a shift away from fossil fuels, and why locally led approaches are key to creating responses that work.

Together with host David Pembroke, they also discuss the opportunities in greening government procurement to reach Australia’s emissions reduction goals.


Discussed in this episode:

  • Embedding wellbeing metrics in organisations and policies
  • The importance of locally-led approaches
  • Adaptive capacity and what it means for communities
  • The role of the Net Zero Economy Agency
  • Decarbonisation procurement rules and incentives
  • Balancing up-front and life-cycle costs
  • Shifting to long-term thinking over short-term solutions
  • Andrew’s recipe for unreasonable optimism.



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