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Monday November 23, 2020

‘Workplace health and safety: A common sense approach’ with Sandra Parker PSM and Sue Weston PSM

With each state and territory having such different COVID-19 pandemic experiences, how do you support all Australian businesses to keep operating?

In this episode we hear from the leaders of two of Australia’s key workplace regulatory authorities: Sandra Parker PSM, the Fair Work Ombudsman, and Sue Weston PSM, CEO of Comcare. They discuss:

  • Adjusting compliance and enforcement policies to respond to the challenges of COVID-19
  • Building awareness of mental health issues in the workplace, and resourcing programs to support Australian’s resilience
  • The lasting impact of COVID-19 occupational health and safety policies
  • Sustaining staff wellbeing through open communication and leadership

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  • Sandra Parker PSM image
    Sandra Parker PSM

    Fair Work Ombudsman

  • Sue Weston PSM image
    Sue Weston PSM

    CEO of Comcare

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