Work With Purpose

Thursday March 11, 2021

Why the APS Professions are important to the sector and to Australia

In this special edition of Work with Purpose we dive into the APS Professional Streams, and are joined by Jacqui Curtis, Head of the HR Profession, Randall Brugeaud, Head of the Digital Profession and Dr David Gruen, Head of the Data Profession. As part of the 2019 Independent Review of the Public Service, the Government agreed to establish Professions to build capability and support career paths in critical areas. In response, the Secretaries Board established APS Professional Streams, headed by the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Peter Woolcott AO. Along with the Commissioner, our guests, as the Heads of Profession, are responsible for capability uplift in their areas of focus, in digital, data, and human resources, drawing on international best practice.

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  • Jacqui Curtis image
    Jacqui Curtis

    Head of the HR Profession

  • Randall Brugeaud image
    Randall Brugeaud

    Head of the Digital Profession

  • David Gruen AO image
    David Gruen AO

    Australian Statistician

  • Peter Woolcott AO image
    Peter Woolcott AO

    Former Australian Public Service Commissioner

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