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Monday May 18, 2020

Small is Beautiful with Rebecca Cross and Katy Haire

Bushfires, a hailstorm and a global pandemic – and it’s not even June. The people of Canberra have experienced significant challenges over the past few months, and we’re pleased to report that ACT Government have been keeping the show on the road.

In this week’s episode we sit down with Rebecca Cross, the ACT Coordinator General for the COVID-19 Response, and Katy Haire, Director General at ACT Education Directorate. Rebecca and Katy discuss:

  • The link between public service and business.
  • The pace of change.
  • The ACT government’s priorities during the pandemic.
  • Working as one government.
  • Communicating on a whole of government, whole of community level.
  • Remote learning as part of the ACT education system.

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  • Rebecca Cross image
    Rebecca Cross

    ACT Coordinator General for the COVID-19 Response

  • Katy Haire image
    Katy Haire

    Director General at ACT Education Directorate

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