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Monday January 29, 2024

Revisiting ‘How is Australia’s public sector using generative AI?’

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used by public services globally, including in Australia, to improve policy-making and program creation. AI has immense potential to transform how the public sector functions and serves communities, from streamlining copywriting to providing strategic advice. However, there are risks and limitations associated with using AI, such as privacy breaches, accountability issues, and bias concerns.

In this rerun of the best episodes of Work with Purpose from 2023, we revisit an insightful conversation that explored the potential and challenges of using generative AI in the Australian public sector. Sally Bayley-Nelson, manager of the AusIndustry Insights team, and Anthony Murfett, head of division for Technology and Digital at the Department of Industry, Science and Resources share their experiences using generative AI tools for their work and discuss the benefits and limitations of the technology. They also talked about the risks that the public sector needs to be mindful of when working with AI and the importance of putting guardrails in place to regulate its use.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Use of generative AI: benefits and limitations in the workplace
  • Risks in using generative AI in the public sector and regulatory guardrails
  • How AI suggests regulating itself: thoughts and missing points
  • Best practices and hopes for AI in the public sector’s future.

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