Work With Purpose

Monday July 27, 2020

Oceans-19 with Michael Pezzullo AO

The Australian Public Service (APS) is playing an important role in delivering the Australian Government’s response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Across all areas and levels of the APS, action is being taken to implement the policies to support the Australian community.

Each week on ‘Work with Purpose’ we talk to key individuals who are leading the response inside the APS, and give listeners a unique perspective on how the APS operates during this once in a generation challenge. ‘Work with Purpose’ is produced in a partnership between contentgroup and IPAA ACT, with the support of the Australian Public Service Commission.

This week we’re joined by Michael Pezzullo AO, Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs, who draws on Hollywood inspiration to illustrate his ambition for the Department, recalls how by age 11 he had already decided on a career of public service and recounts his Rugby League career achievements in high school.

In a revealing, and at times personal conversation, Secretary Pezzullo describes the journey’s of his parents from post World War Europe to Australia, the inspiration he gets from working with our political leaders, and his desire to leave the APS in a better place than when he started. Discussed in this episode:

  • The Secretary’s COVID-19 experience to date.
  • Assisting supermarket’s supply systems.
  • ‘Team Australia’ coming together.
  • The future of international education.
  • Learnings from the Defence operations.

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  • Michael Pezzullo AO image
    Michael Pezzullo AO

    Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs

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