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Monday May 4, 2020

Making Good Decisions in a Time of Overload with Frances Adamson

In this episode, which has been produced as both a podcast and a video, we are joined by Frances Adamson, Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We are also joined by Holly Noble as co-host, who is Chair of IPAA’s Future Leaders Committee and a Director at the Department of Finance. Topics discussed include:

  • Reflection on the COVID period
  • The challenges of getting Australians home
  • Government communication through social media
  • The change in the department and its routine
  • Leadership styles during a crisis
  • What recovery looks like
  • Adjustments future leaders need to make
  • Becoming resilient through personal reflection

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  • Frances Adamson AC FIPAA image
    Frances Adamson AC FIPAA

    Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs
    President, 2017-2019

  • Holly Noble image
    Holly Noble

    Company Secretary
    Director, Governance, Planning and Performance, Department of Finance

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