Work With Purpose

Tuesday June 2, 2020

Fighting crime during COVID-19 with Reece Kershaw APM and Michael Outram APM

Unity of purpose has been a fundamental characteristic of Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While our medical experts have been looking to subdue the virus, our crime fighting experts have been working hard to minimise the impact of criminals in Australia and from overseas.

In this week’s episode of ‘Work with Purpose’, we sit down with Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Reece Kershaw APM, and Commissioner of the Australian Border Force, Michael Outram APM. Discussed in this episode:

  • The challenges of enforcing values and meeting community expectations.
  • How Australians have responded to the challenge of the pandemic.
  • Protecting staff.
  • Closing international and regional borders.
  • Preparing for upcoming pressures in a post COVID-19 environment.
  • The increase of crime during the pandemic.

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  • Reece Kershaw APM image
    Reece Kershaw APM

    Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

  • Michael Outram APM image
    Michael Outram APM

    Commissioner of the Australian Border Force

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