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Tuesday April 28, 2020

Citizens First with Kathryn Campbell AO CSC

In this episode, Kathryn Campbell AO CSC, Secretary of the Department of Social Services (DSS), gives her insights into the DSS COVID response, including:

  • Department of Social Services priorities
  • Challenges of processing a year’s worth of claims in five weeks
  • The onboarding of thousands of new staff
  • How the APS has grounded its work and decisions on what’s best for Australia
  • How to sustain a workforce already exhausted by the Bushfire crisis
  • What makes Kathryn proud to be an Australian Public Servant
  • How the APS accesses community networks to make better decisions

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  • Kathryn Campbell AO CSC image
    Kathryn Campbell AO CSC

    Secretary of the Department of Social Services (DSS)

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