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Monday May 8, 2023

Building digital capability in the public sector

Reliable data is critical for public policy and program development, but many public sector staff still need to build their digital capability and literacy. Currently, the APS Reform Office is reviewing the digital skills of public servants and ways to enhance their skill sets.

To contribute to this important conversation, the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) ACT is hosting the Australian Government Data Forum on May 17. This event will bring together experts from public and private sectors to discuss how data can inform policy and program delivery. The forum is organised in partnership with the Graduate Data Network, the Office of the National Data Commissioner, and the APS Data Profession, which comprises over 1,000 members from 40 agencies.

In this episode, we are joined by two members from the Graduate Data Network – Moira McLoughlin, graduate at the Department of the Senate, and Samuel McMurray, data analyst at the Australian Taxation Office. Together, they share valuable insights into the world of data science and its significance in shaping policy and government programs within the Australian public service. They also discuss tools for staying on top of developments in data technology, such as natural language processing, and the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in the field of data.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Reasons for joining Graduate Data Network and appeal of working with data
  • How data is helping to deliver better policy in the field of family, domestic, and sexual violence
  • The significance of artificial intelligence for the future of government programs
  • Why you should attend the Australian Government Data Forum.



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