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Monday February 1, 2021

‘A Rising Threat: Cyber Security in the APS’ with Hamish Hansford

The rise of cyber crime and cyber warfare have forced governments around the world to rethink how they define safety and security. With Australia experiencing a record number of cyber threats, the role of government in combatting this threat is more important than ever.

In this episode of Work with Purpose, we are joined by Hamish Hansford, First Assistant Secretary of the Cyber, Digital and Technology Policy Division at the Department of Home Affairs.

Hamish speaks about his journey to becoming one of the Government’s leading cyber security decision makers. He looks back on his twenty-year career in the APS, sharing the key insights he has picked up along the way.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The future of cyber security and cyber threats. Will it get worse?
  • What the Government must do to improve Australia’s preparedness toward cyber threats
  • Advice about how to reduce your own susceptibility to cyber threats
  • Hamish’s career journey, including advice for those beginning their own APS careers

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  • Hamish Hansford image
    Hamish Hansford

    Deputy Secretary 
    Department of Home Affairs

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