Work With Purpose

Monday June 3, 2024

A blueprint for innovation success with Michael Schwager

On today’s Work with Purpose episode, Director General of IP Australia Michael Schwager tells IP Australia’s innovation success story, and how the broader public sector can follow in its steps.

Did you know that 57 per cent of IP Australia’s staff rate their culture as positively supporting innovation, 18 per cent higher than the APS average? Today, we hear from Michael Schwager, Director General of IP Australia, about pioneering innovation in the public sector in conversation with host David Pembroke.

Michael shares how IP Australia balances risk and innovation to create a culture where new ideas thrive, and failures are learning opportunities. He also offers practical advice and examples from his experiences on how public sector bodies and individuals can drive forward-thinking initiatives.


Discussed in this episode:

  • Recent innovative success stories from IP Australia
  • Strategic frameworks used to balance risk and innovation
  • Risks worth taking vs no-go areas
  • How to ensure sustainable growth and productivity in your organisation
  • Implications of artificial intelligence on intellectual property.


Show notes:


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