Professor Andrew Campbell

IPAA ACT Councillor

Managing Director

Triple Helix Consulting

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Andrew Campbell is the chief executive of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), appointed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2016.

Among influential roles in sustainable agriculture and research management in Australia for over thirty years, Andrew Campbell was Australia’s first national landcare facilitator, and was CEO of Land & Water Australia for seven years from 2000.  He is Patron of Landcare in Victoria, succeeding the late Joan Kirner in 2015.

Professor Campbell is an elected fellow of the Australian Academy for Technology and Engineering, a professorial fellow at the ANU Fenner School, and a fellow of the Australian Institute for Company Directors.  He represents Australia on the System Council of the CGIAR.

He is a councillor, ACT Division in the Institute for Public Administration Australia and a director on the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust.

Andrew Campbell has written widely on landcare, sustainability and the science-policy interface.  He trained in forestry at the University of Melbourne, then in agricultural knowledge systems at Wageningen University in The Netherlands.  Andrew Campbell is still involved in landcare work on his farm in south-eastern Australia, where his family has been farming since the 1860s. “

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