Holly Noble

Company Secretary

Director, Governance, Planning and Performance, Department of Finance

Holly Noble image

“Holly is currently the director, governance, planning and performance at the Department of Finance. Holly has worked closely with IPAA since 2018 and was the IPAA Future Leaders committee chair from 2019 – early 2022. She is now the IPAA ACT company secretary. Holly started her career as an executive officer at HSBC in England, before transitioning to Australia and the APS in 2011. Since 2011, Holly has held a number of corporate services roles at Comcare, IP Australia and the Department of Finance. Holly has worked across most areas of corporate and enabling functions and holds a masters of public administration, specialising in planning, performance and governance. Holly is a passionate diversity and inclusion advocate, and co-chair of the Department of Finance Ability Network. Holly has a particular interest in championing inclusive workplaces

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