Dr Kerstin Oberprieler

Behavioural Practice Lead


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Described as One of the World’s Leading Figures in Behavioural Science by Insights Success Magazine, Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler is a thought leader in nudging behaviour, both academically and practically. She has worked with many teams to understand and apply behavioural science to their teams, including governments, private business, schools, and multinational companies. Kerstin has her PhD in workplace gamification, design thinking and systems thinking. She combines her expertise in design thinking, user research and behavioural science to deliver effective and innovative behavioural solutions.

She is passionate about helping organisations and employees thrive by unlocking employee motivation. Kerstin regularly works with executives, leaders, and human resource directors to increase engagement, boost performance, align behaviour with strategy and build a strong and unified culture.

Kerstin is a renowned keynote speaker and facilitator in gamification for behaviour change. She is known for her engaging and energetic style of presentation. Kerstin has given a TED talk, and presented in Australia, USA, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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