Future Leaders

In February 2016, a Future Leaders Planning session was held with members from the Young Professional's Network, Future Leaders Program and Capability Committee who came together to discuss how IPAA could add greater value to emerging leaders and future leaders in public administration. At this meeting, a decision was made to merge the Young Professional's Network into a new network called Future Leaders, a network for IPAA ACT's young professionals branch.


The mission of the Future Leaders network is to strengthen the networks of young professionals, particularly those working in and around public administration within the ACT.

The Future Leaders Network hosts a number of professional development events throughout the year providing a platform to engage with industry colleagues, hear from senior leaders and develop contacts across the public and private sector. Events include panel discussions, masterclasses, an annual CEO breakfast and collaborations with other ACT organisations and groups.

Am I an IPAA Member?

You would be surprised at how many young professionals are members of IPAA ACT and don’t know it! If your organisation is a corporate member of IPAA, then you are a member and entitled to member discounts. No matter your profession – everyone is welcome. To check if your organisation is a corporate member click here.

All IPAA ACT members under 36 years of age are able to participate in the Future Leaders Network. To get engaged with FLN, sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook for regular updates on FLN events and activities throughout the year.

My employer is not a member of IPAA ACT, can I still join?

Anyone can become part of the IPAA ACT community. Click here to become an individual or associate member to recieve a number of benefits, including:  

  • Free entry to select IPAA ACT and Future Leader events and seminars, many of which are also recorded for future reference
  • Discounted entry to training and other functions, including IPAA ACT conferences
  • Professional development and networking opportunities; including the Future Leaders Network for emerging leaders
  • Access to the IPAA Mentoring Program
  • Copies of the quarterly Australian Journal of Public Administration.

IPAA Future Leaders Program

The IPAA Future Leaders Program provides young and emerging leaders opportunities to discuss and debate challenges relevant to them with colleagues from different departments and agencies, inlcuding participants from the private sector and academia.

New Series "On the Couch"

Following the successful completion of the Future Leaders program which was run in 2016, IPAA is pleased to launch a new series of informal interviews called "On the Couch", which uncovers the person behind the public sector role. Participants will be able to hear about their interests, influences, leadership styles and aspirations.

Given the sucess of IPAA ACT's recent event on the 2016 Census: Lessons Learned event, IPAAs first "On the Couch" guest is Alastair MacGibbon, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security future leaders event targeting emerging and aspiring future leaders in a unique "on the couch" event.

The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Daryl Quinlivan, has agreed to host IPAA ACT's 'On the Couch" events from the Department's Conference room.

Find out more

For more information about IPAA ACT Future Leaders or to provide any suggestions or comments please email admin@act.ipaa.org.au.

To receive communication about upcoming Future Leaders events or initiatives you can subscribe to IPAA ACT's mailing list by clicking on the side bar under 'Connect with Us'.