IPAA Fellow

The highest national award bestowed by the Institute is the IPAA Fellow. The award recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to the study or practice of public administration. Recipients of this prestigious award are entitled to use the postnominal letters ‘FIPAA’.

Each IPAA division nominates prospective National Fellows to the National Council each year. The National Council reviews applications against criteria, including the nominee’s contribution to the work of IPAA.

National Fellows from the ACT Division

2015       Glenys Beauchamp PSM 2005       Meryl Stanton
2015       Kathy Leigh 2004       Barbara Belcher
2015       George Masri 2004       Prof John Halligan
2014       Cath Ingram 2002       Barry Mewett
2014       Paul O'Connor 2001       Prof Meredith Edward
2014       Dr Martin Parkinson PSM 2001       Ken Matthews
2014       David Tune PSM 2000       Denis Ives
2013       Stephen Sedgwick AO 2000       Andrew Podger
2013       Alison Turner 1999       Bill Blick
2013       Dr Ian Watt AO 1999       Peter Kennedy PSM
2012       Carmel McGregor PSM 1998       Allan Hawke AC
2012       Andrew Metcalfe AO 1997       Ann Forward
2011       Stephen Bartos 1996       Lionel Woodward
2011       Lynne Tacy 1995       Tony Ayers
​2010       Ian McPhee AO PSM 1994       Pamela O'Neill
2009       Lisa Paul AO PSM 1993       Patrick Barrett AM
2008       Anthony Blunn AO 1992       John Taylor AO
2008       Helen Williams AO 1992       Derek Volker AO
​2007       Dr Jeff Harmer AO 1991       John Nethercote
2007       Dr Peter Shergold AC 1990       Michael Keating AO
2006       Prof John McMillan AO 1989       Roy Cameron
2006       Michael Taylor AO 1989       Claire Clark
2005       Robert Cornall AO 1987       Norman Fisher
2005       Lewis Hawke 1986       Philip Flood AO
  1984       Frederick Wheeler